Welcome to our home, the beautiful Tipapa Homestead.

We consider ourselves the custodians of historic Tipapa Estate, she is elegant but still a farmhouse at heart.

There are several historic photos in the house, and you can see photos of weddings and current happenings at Tipapa on our website.

We hope you enjoy the experience of all that Tipapa has to offer.

Jane & Stewart Whiteside

Airport Details

We are just one hour away from Christchurch International Airport.  Because we are located just off Highway One it is very simple to travel straight to the airport.


You will find a range of ATMs and branches regionally including in Amberley, Rangiora, Hanmer Springs, Cheviot and Kaikoura.

ANZ: https://www.anz.co.nz/locations/

ASB: https://www.asb.co.nz/location

BNZ: https://www.bnz.co.nz/locations/canterbury

Kiwibank: https://www.kiwibank.co.nz/locations/canterbury/

Westpac: https://www.westpac.co.nz/contact-us/branch-finder/

Bed & Breakfast Association NEW ZEALAND

We have been members of the Bed and Breakfast Association since 2020 when we first opened as a Bed and Breakfast provider.  This means we abide by the Bed and Breakfast Code of Conduct and have undergone their Quality Assurance assessment.

Beds, Blankets and Pillows

All our beds are super king size.  They cannot be split into single beds; thus we do not offer twin rooms.  All beds are fitted with electric blankets.  In addition to duvets, there are additional feather and down blankets provided plus spare pillows.  These are kept in the wardrobe in each room apart from the Cherry Room.  Cherry Room guests can simply request additional pillows inf required.


We provide you with breakfast usually consisting of freshly baked bread, great “as is” or can be toasted.  We provide a selection of cereals, milk and plain yoghurt and a selection of jams and fruit juices, often from our own orchards.  Enjoy a freshly made coffee or pot of tea.

Cooked breakfast (eggs and bacon, or benedict/Florentine) can be provided at an additional cost.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled up to 24 hours prior to (or upon) arrival will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Reservations cancelled up to 7 days prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee of the cost of one night’s accommodation.

If we are able to rebook your room no cancellation fee will be payable. In the event of a “no-show” the full booking cost will be charged.

In the event that a cancellation is due to government-imposed travel restrictions, such as alert levels for Covid 19, then we will either:

Give a full refund


Change your booking to another date of your preference, conditional on room availability and same tariff rate day.  This means a surcharge may be applied if the later rate is higher, or a partial refund will be given if the rate is lower.


Our check out time is 10:00 am so you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Please ask if you think you may need longer use of your room.

Early check-in/Late Check-out

Our rooms are serviced between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm each day; we cannot guarantee earlier check-in times unless the room is booked the night prior. If you arrive early, we are happy to look after your luggage, and we’ll phone you know when your room is available. Fossil Point is a lovely café only five minutes away, and there are other wineries and hotels we can recommend for lunch.

Late check-out is only available when organised prior to your arrival, and only when this fits with our room service schedule.


The closest pharmacies are in Amberley and Cheviot, each about 33km from Tipapa.

Coffee/tea making facilities

Please feel free to use our kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee, or we can bring your preferred drinks to you room, the lounge or terrace.

Cooking and food preparation

We can provide an evening meal for you at additional cost if you request at the time of booking or with at least one week’s notice.

We specialise in homemade sourdough bread using organic flour from Milmore Downs, and we create jams, juices, pastes, sauces and salads from our home-grown fruit and vegetables.

We can store your food in our refrigerator if you would like to prepare your own snacks or have brought food such as platters to share.


We are committed to supporting local events in the Woolshed including productions by the children of the Greta Valley School, and the annual Scargill Spring Flower Show.  The Spring Show has been held continuously since 1909 and Tipapa has hosted the event since the nearby Scargill Hall was destroyed by earthquake in 2016.


All Tipapa Estate staff are fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID.

We will continue to follow the advice and regulations of the New Zealand Government and will review our policies as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

We will continue to wear face masks to greet and check you in.  We encourage you to wear masks if you are interacting with other guests.  Masks are not necessary in your room, or outside.

Tipapa Estate is not suitable for and is unable to provide accommodation for self-isolation/quarantine.

Credit Cards

We welcome payments by Visa or Mastercard, however, please note that a 3% surcharge applies.

Dentist / Doctor

If you require emergency care please call 111.  For non-urgent care, we can recommend the Amberley Medical Centre, or Pegasus Dental.


Our two dogs Ruby and Sapphire live in our home and usually have free run outside.  Provided you arrive at or near your stated time of arrival the dogs will be under our control when you arrive.  We will supervise their greeting of all new guests.

We accept well-behaved dogs who have their own bedding or crates.

  • Please always keep your pet under control.
  • Look after your dog litter:
    • Pick up droppings with litter bags and dispose of in the outside rubbish bin.
  • Please ensure you respect our furnishings and do not allow your dog on beds or lounges..Do not allow your pet to cause any damage.
  • There is no fixed fencing to prevent your pet from wandering outside

Electric Blankets

Your electric blanket has separate controls on each side so you can choose a range from 1 to 3, with 3 being warmest.

Although there is a waterproof protector, please turn off the blanket immediately if any liquid is spilled.  Please turn off the blanket when not in use.

Electric Current

NZ operates on 240 Volts you will require adaptors if your appliances do not use NZ configured plugs.

Emergency Evacuation procedures

If there is an emergency of any kind either contact us immediately or call 111 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Should you experience an earthquake please take cover (under a doorway or table); cover your head and hold on until the earthquake has finished.  Be careful when leaving a building after an earthquake as there may be falling debris.

In the bedside drawer, you will find a torch for use if electricity has failed.

Our address is 40 Motunau Beach Road.  If you are out and about when there is a disaster, please feel free to return to us here until it is safe to continue your travels.


No naked flames should be used in guest rooms, including candles.  The fireplaces in guest rooms are not functional and should not be used. Smoke detectors have been installed throughout the homestead.

In the event of a fire, the designated meeting point is the rear of the gravelled car park. There is a Fire & Emergency notice near your room door with further information and a map.


We welcome your suggestions and feedback.  Please write to us at stay@tipapaestate.co.nz

We appreciate your reviews via TripAdvisor or Google

First Aid

A First aid kit is in your bathroom cabinet.  Please let us know if you use any supplies so they can be replaced.  In an emergency please dial 111.

Garden Festival

We open the house and gardens for four days in October each year as part of the Hurunui Garden Festival.

Guest facilities – Indoors

You are welcome to use the lounge, upstairs reading nook, or terrace, or chat with us in the kitchen.  If you are dining with us, we will eat in the dining room, kitchen or on the terrace.  Breakfast will be served in the kitchen or dining room.

  • There is a nightlight in your bathroom and in the upper and lower corridor. Light switches for corridors and stairs are located outside the Garden Suite, Lawn Room and Cherry Room.
  • Please use the coasters provided to help care for our timber furniture.
  • You are welcome to store wine or food in our fridge, and we can supply wine glasses to your room

Guest facilities – outdoors

The garden is for the enjoyment of family and guests, so please feel free to wander the grounds.  We have cushions and blankets if you would like to relax on the lawn, or for extra warmth on the garden benches.  We can bring out our croquet set if you fancy a game, or just relax on the terrace and enjoy the peace.

Walking around the farm

Following the length of our stream (no hills) requires only minimal fitness, while if you are relatively fit and wish to tackle our steep hills we have several beauty spots on the property where you can see stunning panoramas of North Canterbury.

Caution:  Boots or trainers should be worn, no sandals or slip-on footwear. As we are a working farm, please do speak with us before exploring the paddocks or stream.  You should never enter any paddock where there are cattle or other livestock.  Note that there is an electric top wire around the homestead garden.


A hairdryer is in the bathroom cabinet in each ensuite.


Radiators and towel rails are controlled automatically.  During winter they will run from around 5:30pm – 11pm and then again at 6am-9am.  Contact us if you need heating outside these times.  Turn the marked knob to adjust the radiators’ heat level when the heating is on.

Please note that the fireplaces in guest rooms are not functional. Please no candles or any naked flame.


Each day we will check if your room requires any cleaning, however, we do not ordinarily makeup beds.  Please contact us if you require any housekeeping during your stay.


We can provide a limited amount of ice or an ice bucket on request.  Chiller sleeves for wine bottles are available.


Please note that we do not normally provide laundry facilities.


Open-air parking for houseguests is on the white gravelled area at the rear of the homestead.

A large, grassed car park is available for wedding and function guests who are not staying in the homestead.


Dogs are welcome so long as they have their own bedding or crate.  Please tell us if there is any marking so we can quickly clean it to avoid staining, and we will reluctantly have to bill for repairs if there is any damage caused to furnishings. If you are travelling with other animals, please contact us to see if we can accommodate them. Please note that we do not accept cats under any circumstances.


Spare pillows are kept in each wardrobe in the Orchard and Lawn Rooms and Garden Suite.  If you are in the Cherry Room, please ask for additional pillows if required.


We are part of the Rural Delivery Scheme.  You can direct mail to us at the address below, and we can help you send mail if you have stamps for your mail.

Tipapa Estate

40 Motunau Beach Road RD1

Greta Valley 7387

New Zealand

The nearest post offices are in Amberley to the south or Cheviot to the north.


Please set aside any bottles or cans next to your room bin so we can ensure they go into our recycling system


Fossil Point Café (licensed) offers breakfast and lunch, including takeaway 7 days per week.

Greta Valley Tavern is open for dinner 7 days per week, including takeaway

More restaurants are located at local wineries in the Waipara Valley, or in Amberley. Please ask if you would like us to recommend restaurants suitable for casual meals or fine dining.

Shoes in the house

Please check the soles of your shoes before wearing them in the house.  Shoes with smooth clean soles are fine, or please wear slippers if you prefer.

Smoking policy

No smoking is allowed in any buildings on Tipapa Estate.  Please smoke or vape only in the designated outdoor smoking areas.  All butts should be disposed in the sand pots provided.

Snacks and Beverages

We will offer you a welcome drink on arrival and can offer complimentary tea, coffee, and soft drinks throughout your stay.  We also offer a limited selection of wine and liqueurs at additional cost.

While you are welcome to bring your own preferred drinks, please note that only houseguests may drink alcohol on the premises.

Suitcase stands

Please use the foldout luggage racks to hold your suitcase or luggage.  These are in your wardrobe.

Swimming pool

You must be a competent swimmer to use our deep pool.  Swimming in our pool is at your own risk.  Swimming is only allowed in daylight hours.  Children must be supervised at all times and the pool gate must be kept closed.

No alcohol may be consumed at the pool, and only acrylic drinkware may be used (no glass)

Please ask us for a towel for the swimming pool if required.

Television (including instructions)

The television in our guest lounge is set up so that you can cast your favourite shows from your phone, or tablet.  We can assist you with this.

You may watch your device in your own room utilizing our free Wi-Fi.

We do not receive TV transmission.


Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap are provided.  We have chosen products that are not tested on animals and come in fully recycled containers.  Please ask if you require additional supplies.

Please remove makeup with a disposable makeup wipe from the pack provided.

Tourist Information

Within a couple of hours of Tipapa you can enjoy thermal pools, beautiful beaches, stunning gardens, sculpture park, historic railway, whale-watching, jet boat rides, cellar doors and more.  We are happy to suggest activities and places to visit.  We recommend you explore the following links:

Visit Hurunui

What to see and do in Christchurch

There is a range of brochures on local attractions on the upper hallway table.  Local maps are in your room.


To reduce the use of water and chemicals towels will be replaced after two days.  Please do not use bathroom towels in the swimming pool, we can provide other towels for your use.


We provide a carafe of filtered water which we will replace each day.  Feel free to refill this in the kitchen or get fresh glasses during your stay.  We are happy to refill your own reusable bottles to take with you on your journey


Free Wi-Fi is available.

Network: Tipapa Starlink          

Password: tipapaest8


We are located only 15 minutes away from the Waipara Wine region.  This makes us the perfect base from which to explore a host of cellar doors and restaurants. There is even a craft beer brewer in Amberley.

As houseguests you are welcome to bring your own wine to consume at Tipapa, or you can purchase from our small selection of wines and liqueurs.


Tipapa Woolshed was built of native timbers around 1888.  We are happy to unlock the shed and show you around during your stay.

An 1897 photograph shows that the exterior of the Woolshed has remained remarkably unchanged.  It was originally built in a T shape with stations for twelve shearers using handheld blades.  It was changed internally to install shearing machinery powered by a portable steam engine, and finally with an electric motor.  From the 1960s half of the T shape was adapted with high walls and roughly-concreted floor to manage the deer herd established by catching wild deer using helicopters.

In 2006 a beautiful function space was created, with a stunning piece of art created on one wall by collecting authentic graffiti left by former shearers.  Tipapa continues to host conferences and events, including around 20 weddings per year and community events including the annual Scargill Spring Flower Show.

History of Tipapa

We are the 4th family to live in Tipapa Homestead. Tipapa was established in the 1880s and was originally around 18,000 acres (about 7300 hectares) in size, stretching all the way to Motunau Beach.  The woolshed and a single storey house were built in the late 1880s and many of our wonderful trees were planted at that time. The original owners, the Acton-Adams family, ran thousands of sheep and sold wool. It is believed that they usually employed around 50 people to run the property and house.  Over the next 140+ years, parts of the station were sold to fund other projects or divided off to provide farms for returning soldiers after both World Wars.  In 1893 Tipapa donated the land upon which Greta Valley School was established.

The Acton-Adams sold Tipapa in the early 1960s to Don Robertson and his wife Bobby, who raised their family here and began a highly successful deer farm.  In 2004 Bobby sold Tipapa in several sections with John Carr of the UK buying the homestead.  John sold land to substantially renovate the homestead, leaving just the valley around the homestead (130 acres or 52 hectares).  In 2020 we were able to purchase Tipapa homestead and move here from Auckland.  In addition to opening our home to guests, we run events in our gardens and woolshed.  We also have a small herd of Lowline Angus beef cattle. These are the black cattle you can see in the paddocks near the house.

1890’s homestead modernised in 1928

In 1928 the original house was replaced by a new two-storey homestead built to a design by noted NZ architect Heathcote Helmore.  The Acton-Adams family crest embedded in the front doorstep overlooking the lawn records the year they completed their modern home.

Blueprints show this 1928 design as an addition to the original, not a totally new house.  The pronounced sloping floor in part of the dining room is likely because it rests on the original foundation, and concrete blocks on the ground floor are the remains of original chimneys.  The waviness of much of the window glass reflects their age.  This is most pronounced in the Orchard Room windows which came out of the original 1890 house.

Helmore designed a modern, light-filled home that was strongly influenced by his time on the American east coast.  The beautiful Rimu timber staircase and carved oak bookcase were designed for the house, and the hardwood jarrah floor in the downstairs hall creates a stunning effect.  However, the many small windows overlooking the garden are typical of Helmore’s design.  Every room in the house overlooks the gardens, and the house is the centre point of the lovely gardens.

The 1928 design included nine bedrooms– but no kitchen or laundry as those tasks were done in the servants’ quarters.  The current kitchen created in 2005 was originally two rooms – the children’s day nursery, and the sunroom.  Today’s Garden Suite was formerly 3 rooms – the children’s night nursery, balcony, and a separate bedroom.  The Lawn Room, with its lovely wall panels, was the original master bedroom.   Other rooms have had walls removed or have been changed to incorporate bathrooms.  If you are interested to see more details, please take a look at Helmore’s blueprints which are hanging in the ground floor.

Traces of the past

Servant quarters once existed at the back of the house. These were demolished in the 200r renovation, but the signal bells to call staff remain.  These bells are at the end of the upstairs hall and just inside the mud-room door on the ground floor. Timbers from the servant quarters have been used by Stewart to create headboards in the Garden Suite, Lawn Room and Cherry Room.  Silk cushions in the rooms have been made from former bedroom and dining room curtains.

Past Earthquakes

Tipapa homestead withstood the catastrophic earthquakes in 2010 and 2016 (Kaikoura). This is due to the combination of its timber construction and the fact that the original brick chimneys were replaced with reinforced concrete chimneys in 1928.  Many older houses were lost when their brick chimneys collapsed.  You can see the old hearths from the single-storey house in the mudroom and kitchen on the ground floor.

2005 Renovation

A substantial renovation of the house was completed in 2004/2005.  The servant quarters were demolished, the main entrance was changed, and 8 upstairs bedrooms and 3 bathrooms were changed to five bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom.  Today’s Garden Suite encompasses three former bedrooms (including the Night nursery and balcony), while our ground floor kitchen was originally the day nursery and adjoining sun porch.